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    When you rent email lists you will probably be sharing the cost with your web development company. You should be aware, though, that the costs are not always equal. The success of your campaign depends on the kind of leads you are willing to invest time and money in.

    How do you rent email lists? There are many ways to go about it. You could contact marketing firms to rent email addresses or you could try buying lead generation software or you could try a list broker. Whichever way you choose, it can also be one of the most costly.

    Without first having a clear understanding as to how these leads were acquired, nurtured and sometimes beaten to submission, it is hard to truly know if your investment will yield any real ROI. Therefore, whether you contact an email marketing list broker or attempt to rent email lists yourself, here are several questions to ask which will hopefully save you money when you rent email lists directly or share this episode of Twitter chat. Your business is at stake!

    What kinds of people sign up to your email marketing list rental programs? Are you looking at people who are looking for products or services similar to yours? Or are you looking at people who want to be in your email marketing list but have no interest in your product? If you are looking at people who are already on your email lists, what do they want from you? Do they want you to send them something else, or do they really want just the one message that they have subscribed to?

    Will the people on your email lists really convert into sales? To get the best conversion rate, you must have a method for tracking this conversion rate. There is an industry-standard referred to as ROI, or return on investment. Simply stated, the amount of work and effort you put into your email marketing list make this type of metric quite important.

    Do you work with a third-party list broker? If so, there are laws governing what kind of information you can collect from a third-party, and whether or not the third-party has permission to collect the information. In general, when you rent email lists from a third-party list broker, you are agreeing to adhere to their terms of service as well as their privacy policies.

    Have you shared this episode with your employees, clients and Facebook fans? It’s always good to let people know that you care about them and want to help them out. Letting everyone know that you’re thinking about them and offering to help them out can go a long way towards increasing the effectiveness of future email lists you might build for your business.

    Now here’s the best part: You don’t even have to tweet about this episode! Just respond to a tweet with a “Thank You.” This alone can do wonders to boost your online brand by reminding your followers that you’re there and doing something. With this, it’s definitely clear that we have found out how to rent email lists from a third-party list broker and turn those lists into massive amounts of potential buyers for your products and services.

    The trick is to make sure that the content you share on social media sites such as Facebook isn’t blatant spamming. There are some companies that make their Facebook pages seem like they’re directly promoting their products and services when in reality nothing could be further from the truth. However, it is important that you carefully make the tone of your social media posts reflect the type of email marketing you wish to do through your Facebook page. If you do this correctly, you can begin to build relationships with thousands of prospective customers who will become regular customers.

    Now that you know how to rent email lists versus buying a list, what do you think about using Twitter to spread the news? Even though there’s still a bit of controversy surrounding Twitter, it has certainly proven itself capable of sending targeted traffic to websites. And with so many users on Twitter, there’s plenty of opportunity to get your website or squeeze page in front of thousands of potential customers. All you have to do is upload a video about your product, post links to your products’ websites, and mention Twitter when sharing your message.

    All right, maybe you don’t want to rent a bunch of emails but you do need to spread your message. That’s where viral marketing comes in. Viral marketing is the process of getting something into the environment without creating any effort whatsoever. For example, if you saw a cool new video about how awesome your brand new Nike shoes were you wouldn’t go out and try to buy Nike shoes, you’d just share the video with your friends and they would share it with their friends and so forth. That’s kind of basic viral marketing, and you can see why it works so well for real estate agents as well as anyone who wants to spread the word about their product or service.

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