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    Email list rental isn’t very different from email lists buy before. When you purchase an email list, essentially you take ownership of all the email addresses you choose and have complete control over them until you decide to dispose of them. Email list rental is however for a single mailing campaign. You lease the email addresses (or multiple email addresses) you want and then only have to be in possession of them for the period of time you dictate. This can be incredibly cost effective, allowing you to target a specific audience with just one mailing campaign.

    There are some differences between online advertising campaigns, and email list rentals. While many businesses go for the double opt-in strategy, where you have to email someone to confirm an opt-in, most opt-in campaigns are just one-way. When a visitor to your site completes an opt-in, they are automatically redirected to their webpage or sales page. This makes them feel confident that their information has been confirmed, and they are more likely to be receptive to further offers. Online marketing strategies that rely on this are therefore much less expensive.

    List rentals allow you to purchase targeted email addresses for very little cost. These addresses are generally pre-qualified, so you know that these people will definitely be interested in the products and services you offer. However, because you are paying very little for the roi, you don’t need to make sure that your targeted customers are even looking at your website. By purchasing only the addresses of customers who would be most interested, you can focus your efforts on a much larger customer base.

    Buying large volumes of email list rental addresses is obviously a huge waste of money. Most e-mail addresses that are bought are used by spammers who send unsolicited bulk e-mails. However, there is a lot of legitimate use for this e-mail address. If you buy one or two large lists, they will be useful to you and your customers. If you have to buy thousands of addresses to build up a steady stream of targeted traffic, it will quickly become a loss making venture.

    List rentals work best when you have an existing product line. List rentals work best when you have built up a high quality customer base. By renting email lists, you are acquiring highly qualified subscribers to your business website. When used this way, a dedicated email campaign is much cheaper than buying bulk emails from various vendors. This means that a customer is not just receiving one discount, but several discounts from different vendors.

    The second benefit is delivery. List owners can easily manage the delivery of their lists, as opposed to sales reps who have to make numerous deliveries to different locations and times zones. The cost of a list owner to deliver their lists varies widely. Some list owners charge a monthly fee for delivery and others charge a flat delivery charge. Most vendors require that the list owner guarantee delivery at or near the time agreed upon.

    Marketing to business email lists is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to reach your target audience. Using this form of direct marketing is also very cost effective. Once you rent email list rental lists, you can use them repeatedly and effectively with little worry about over-usage fees or late fees. You can also use multiple lists to reach different demographics with relative ease.

    List owners who rent their lists pay a nominal annual rental fee and are allowed to sell the lists over. Business email lists are ideal for marketing because of their reach. These lists cost less to buy and less to ship. When used this way, a dedicated campaign costs almost nothing compared to hiring several different lists for direct mail marketing . Renting email lists is the perfect solution for small businesses that don’t have the budget to develop and maintain their own mailing list.

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