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    Startup marketing agencies provide an important bridge for entrepreneurs starting a new company. These agencies help bridge the gap between what a startup might need and what is currently available in the marketplace. They can give a good idea of realistic needs, which can be customized to fit into the startup’s budget and timeline. This allows the startup to concentrate on developing and launching their products instead of focusing on a problem that isn’t critical to the company’s future success. In addition, the marketing group can help the company define its vision and mission and help them find companies that will support that vision and mission.

    A flexible and agile startup marketing agency. A scientific and data-based approach to business development. A heavy focus on creative and strategic know-how. A solid combination of tactical and strategic knowledge with experience in the startup space.

    A strong working relationship with industry leaders. The best agencies have solid relationships with influential industry players. A trusted list of industry partners, mentors and advisers. These partners have the capacity to influence and showcase products and services that will appeal to key decision makers within the company. Additionally, these relationships help the startup secure joint venture opportunities, referrals, sponsorships and more.

    Leverage talent and resources. Because they are new or small, marketing agencies might lack internal staff and expertise in many areas of marketing. Because of this, they might not be as familiar or experienced with specific aspects of online marketing, such as keyword research, link building, content optimization, PPC and SEO and so on. In contrast, a larger, well-established startup marketing agency has developed a network of internal experts who are skilled in various areas of internet marketing and can bring expertise and contacts to a company through their long-standing relationships with other professionals in the field.

    Brand strategy. Many startups choose to partner with an agency rather than take the time to develop their own brand strategy. This allows them to focus exclusively on marketing while also building a stronger brand through word-of-mouth marketing. Some agencies, like Bully Media, focus intensely on providing a comprehensive marketing service while others, like Market Samurai, focus more on developing new online campaigns. However, in either case, partnering with a reputable and established marketing agency ensures that a startup is taking the right steps toward building a successful brand.

    Key events partners. Because the majority of startups are in early stages, there is a greater likelihood that investors and partners will be located in the same circles. There are opportunities to build a strong network of funding and business partners through existing networks such as angel groups, venture capitalists and media entities. For companies seeking an agency, however, strong networking connections are crucial. Enventys partners might have access to funding and mentoring networks that a startup may not have access to.

    Top startup marketing agencies. In addition to working with well-established agencies, many startups choose to work with smaller agencies and startups. Agencies in this industry focus extensively on marketing, and they often have a core group of professionals who focus specifically on marketing. These agencies tend to have deep pockets and are capable of putting together campaigns that cost millions of dollars. The startup marketing agency will typically have an office in Silicon Valley or New York City, allowing it to work in tandem with larger agencies.

    User experience. The final criteria for choosing a startup marketing agency is one of quality and usability. Every campaign a startup receives will need to be designed to maximize its effectiveness by including users in the design process. Many agencies focus heavily on mapping user experiences and identifying the key issues that users are likely to be concerned with. They also work closely with clients to ensure that the information users provide is presented professionally and in an easy-to-use format.

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