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    The Founders Bridge Pool is one of the newest addition to the Islands. It is a two mile long, shallow pool that sits north of the light house on the west end of the beach. The pool was designed as an above ground recreation facility and was constructed by the same company that designed the beautiful Balboa Park reflecting pool in San Diego. This swimming facility is open year round and has been successfully serving up a variety of water sports for the past three years.

    As with any pool there are some inherent risks that residents should be aware of. Among these include drowning and brain injury. While many other pools have significant levels of safety, the level of safety in the Founders Bridge Pool is considered to be adequate. In fact, there are no federal regulations that require the pool to be any more or less safe than any other in the vicinity.

    As with any accidental drowning, the first thing that a loved one should do upon discovery of an accident is call 911. This is particularly important with any swimming lessons, since the delay could place the swimmer at risk for further injury or death. A certified personal trainer will be available in an instant to assess the situation and recommend the safest possible actions for recovery. Swimming lessons are recommended for all children, even those who are not experienced in water sports. The same applies for adults.

    Immediately after an accident occurs, seek medical attention. Medical care may be delayed by several minutes, but it will ensure that the appropriate medical personnel are immediately on scene and begin immediate treatment. Life support is also necessary, especially for those whose breathing has become obstructed. Oxygen deprivation can lead to brain damage and death. startups should always have on the latest oxygen supply and have trained in CPR as well as the use of a chest tube.

    By taking swimming lessons, swimmers learn valuable life saving techniques such as using the arm and legs in addition to the head in flotation methods. They also learn how to avoid potential hazards, such as sharks and jellyfish, and how to avoid getting entangled in fish nets. startups with less experience should not attempt to perform the same skills they have learned, and they should immediately report their inability to swim to an experienced adult. startups will arrive in approximately five to ten minutes to help the person regain strength and swim home.

    If you have any cuts, scrapes, bruises, or similar injuries while in the water, consult your primary care physician for treatment options. A registered physician will be able to quickly identify the source of the injury and instruct the proper treatment. While waiting for treatment to take place, do not swim in the water, as the condition of the injuries can worsen and lead to increased chance of scarring. It is also wise to limit the exposure of other family members to the water until the doctor assures that the injured person can safely be transported back to the shore.

    The State of Florida has been protecting consumers from dangerous swimming conditions since 1998. If you have recently suffered an injury in a pool, you may qualify for certain benefits, including medical payments and pain and suffering, if you are a victim of an accident. Many insurance providers are now offering this type of coverage, and it is recommended that you contact your insurance provider before diving into the pools. Your insurance agent can also help you determine whether or not you qualify for life insurance after an accident, which can help to relieve some of the stress following an accident.

    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced swimmer, you should wear life jackets even if you are only visiting the area for a day or two. Life jackets provide safety for people in the water for a wide variety of reasons, including swimming, diving, surfing, and fishing. Although startups are made with cheap materials that cannot withstand the impact of human torso weight, some manufacturers do use quality materials that are recognized as being safe under the standards of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you and your family are protected when visiting on your own, or as a family member or friend, who knows no strangers in the vicinity.

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