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    What sets Digital Marketing agencies in Chicago apart from other US-based competitors? Home to AdAge, the largest magazine in the industry and home to Leo Burnett as famed ad agency, Chicago is slowly but surely building a solid reputation as a world-class marketing hub. Why are they doing this? What sets them apart?

    The answer to all these questions lies in the fact that the Chicago-based agency is founded on the values of innovation, purpose, and continual exploration. The company was founded in 2021 by David Lowe and Jennifer Glassmaker, the former overseeing acquisitions for BTK and KHC while the latter took over as CEO and Co-founder after Lowe left to pursue a position at the Boston Consulting Group. Over the past seven years, they have shaped their business into what it is today. The agency grew in size due to their relentless search for fresh talent both inside the industry and out. This search resulted in the agency successfully hiring dozens of new talent including seasoned professionals such as Bill Gates, Scottrade’s Kenneth Lewis, and Bank of America’s Kenneth Lewis.

    Apart from their vast pool of talented professionals, Chicago-based Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago has also developed strong connections with other influential people within the industry. Some of these individuals have become long-time clients of the agency. These relationships span beyond the boundaries of the firm itself as various web design companies, social networking sites, and other similar businesses continue to do business with the BFA. As the agency continues to grow, it has the opportunity to expand its client base from traditional companies to ever-changing enterprises ranging from restaurants to movie studios. By constantly adding new clients to its stable, the BFA is positioned to expand its scope even further.

    Not only does the BFA offer its clients a number of services that other agencies offer, but it has developed certain specific strategies to be able to secure more contracts from established clients and new clients alike. One of the ways it does this is by identifying companies that are not only positioned to expand their business with the help of digital marketing companies, but also have plans to sustain their business as well. These clients include companies like Sears and Apple. They also include companies such as AT&T and Kaiser Permanente. The strategies the BFA uses to identify these clients, develop a strong working relationship with them and strengthen their standing in the market are detailed in the below-mentioned strategies. In addition, the Chicago-based agencies offer their clients’ digital marketing strategies that can help them strengthen their branding position.

    A major part of what makes the BFA stand out from its competitors is its consistent use of case studies in its client communications. The Chicago-based agency understands that it is not enough to simply engage in campaigns and promotional activities that will bring in clients; it must also ensure that the interests of these clients are met. Hence, they undertake case studies on a regular basis to determine how the activities they plan to carry out would affect various aspects of a business. They conduct surveys, focus groups, and ask questions to gauge customer satisfaction. In many cases, they use these findings to better improve their strategies.

    The BFA also ensures that its clients go through every step of the process: from proposal to launch. This is because such case studies give businesses a clear picture of what is to come and what is expected of them. In doing so, they can plan their strategy accordingly. The strategy then becomes more than just something that they implement for the sake of implementing a marketing campaign; it becomes something they can sustain over time and something that will yield concrete results. In short, every business that uses the services of the Chicago marketing agency should be expecting tangible results.

    Apart from conducting case studies, BFA also helps businesses to register with the state’s consumer protection agencies so that they can protect themselves from any fraudulent marketing practices. It should be noted that fraud usually emanates from three sources. Firstly, there are unethical companies offering services for very less. Secondly, there are unscrupulous lawyers offering questionable advice. And thirdly, there are people posing as professionals but who are actually not trained in marketing or advising businesses.

    In this day and age when consumers are bombarded with marketing messages on a daily basis, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to find an agency that understands the value of incorporating such strategies. If a business hires the services of a full-service marketing firm in Chicago-based agency, it can ensure that all aspects of marketing are covered: website design, email campaigns, social media promotions, and the like. This is because the firm will conduct research before launching any campaign to ascertain which tactics yield the best results. Since they integrate a full range of techniques, they are able to cover a large number of marketing opportunities. Hence, a client can rest assured that his company will have the best chance at being noticed by potential customers.

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