• Serrano Damgaard posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    My insurance is much like $300 a month…support?

    “Yep and so the title says it all. Has anyone got any tips about just how to decrease insurance down a bit I’m looking from 2k-2.4k at this time at rates and that’s only over a fiesta. Hopefully someone has on ways to get the cheaper insurance;r”I’m a complete time pupil with this Drop that is 16hour. Because my school work-research wait-listed me Iam trying to find different careers but I can only do part time or I know I’ll be too stressed plus my advisor explained to-go part-time that is only except during summer. I just wish to know beforehand can I be asked to get medical health insurance ? I’m currently covered on my mommy’s insurance and it’s great. I would rather stay with hers. I ought to manage to perform part-time and stay on her insurance right? Or how is it possible to whatever the manager might supply me I’ll be kicked off and pushed

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