• Before any actual investments are made, an organization will list everything it owns in a pre investment cap table. Usually these owners will be all the original investors who originally got common stock as a percentage of the firm. The purpose is for these people to be able to see what their stake in the business would be should they want to…[Read more]

  • A Startup Cap Table, also known as a capitalization table, is a spreadsheet used by start-ups and early stage ventures to identify the ownership structure of their business. The startup cap table details exactly who owns what, the amount each entity/individual owns and what percentage of the ownership is allocated to the equity they own. By…[Read more]

  • What is a Pro Forma Cap Table? In a nutshell, a Pro Forma Cap Table is an index that allows investors to purchase shares through a broker without having to create an actual purchase order. Instead, when an investor wants to invest in a particular security, the broker issues an index that can be purchased for the same price as the original stock or…[Read more]

  • Cap table management refers to a certain type of measure used in the financial world. More specifically, it refers to the use of a certain standard to determine the value of a company. Basically, this is a method of valuing a certain type of business. In a nutshell, this involves the use of the equity values of a company.

    Known officially…[Read more]

  • Investing in digital stock certificates is becoming more popular as an investment vehicle. These certificates offer investors the ability to purchase shares from the company at a specific price, instead of paying thousands of dollars for actual stock. Because they can be traded online or by telephone, these investments are ideal for investors with…[Read more]

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