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    Best Places to Donate Furniture to Charity can alleviate your burden of storing unused belongings for a long time. Donating agency to charity can truly be a stress-free method to rid yourself of your unwanted items. However, charities do not accept just about anything.

    Only accept furniture that is in fairly good condition. No used clothing, old furniture or machinery. Some light but purely cosmetic wear and tear are fine. Your local theater groups will help you determine what is considered in good condition here.

    For the ladies, some of the best places to donate clothes and shoes are charities for women, YWCA, Lending Tree and Operation Smile. You can also donate shoes and boots. Most of these charities will have a waiting list. Donating shoes or boots will save you time and effort in finding someone to accept them, and also it gives the women in your family the opportunity to receive a free shoe or boot!

    Another great place for you to donate your unwanted office furniture and equipment is VVA Outreach. This national organization focuses on helping veterans, their children and their families. The VVA Charity accepts most any type of household furniture, including furniture made by Vitafoam, Pinnacle, Lack, American Iron, Kingsley, Pine Wood, and more. In order to be eligible for donation, a veteran must be in a state-funded veteran’s rehabilitation facility.

    For those who are looking to donate furniture and need some pointers on where to go, there are several national organizations that you can donate your items to: Goodwill Industries, Sales Training Inc., American Heroes, and Sales Training Inc. Goodwill Industries is one of the largest buyer and seller of office products nationwide and also offers job placement services for those who have been recently fired from their jobs. American Heroes is dedicated to providing quality employment to military veterans and their spouses.

    At the heart of any large US charitable organization are its branch offices, and in turn, those branches have a U.S. headquarters. Many of these branches have local drop-off locations. For those in the northern part of the US, a good place to donate your unwanted office furniture and other items would be in the North America region. There are five main locations where you can drop off donations to the North American Furniture Drop-Off:

    You can also schedule your free furniture donation pick up and drop-off on the Internet. On agency , you can find all the information you need to schedule a pick up or a drop-off. You can also look up the status of your current donations at any time of the year on the website.

    Another option would be to contact a local charity, college, or church. You can look up their directory or call their office to find out when their pick up and drop-off times are. You can also find out how much mileage or time they are willing to give you in order to help you with your donation. There is no cost to either use a local directory or call a place of business. Once you find a good charity, it will only be a matter of time before you have enough furniture picked up to make your store a success!

    There is another option, however. Some people prefer the anonymity of donating their items directly to a specific charity instead of using a place of business. For these people, donating their used furniture through a place of business is a better option than waiting for the next scheduled donation day at a charity. However, if you cannot locate a specific charity that accepts furniture donations, there are still other options available to you. If you donate furniture to a place of business, then you will need to call them one day in advance and set up an appointment.

    Your local chapter of the American Society of Furniture Manufacturers might be able to offer you a free donation pick up. Contact your local chapter to find out if they do these kinds of pickups. In some cases, your local chapter might not have a large supply of donated furniture, but they could have a few members who live near a furniture store that accepts donations. Then, you can drop your furniture off to them.

    agency that you can go to when you want to find out about donating your furniture would be the local garage sales, used furniture stores, and your local churches. If you know anybody whose house needs major repair work, call them up and ask if they would be interested in having you donate furniture. Chances are, they will be more than happy to take it off your hands. Another way to find places to drop off furniture for free is to check the phone book under “garage sales” or “used furniture stores.” Some churches have programs that require people to donate furniture to them. If this is the case in your church, you may be able to find drop-off locations right on your church property.

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