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    Cap table is one of the main reasons why Excel spreadsheets fail. So what causes it? There are many possible reasons but the main one is lack of understanding about how to use it properly. It is also called the hidden parameters or hidden features in Excel. Some people consider this feature as a weakness of Excel. However, there are certain ways that can make this feature work like charm if you know how to use it.

    Cap table is the main ingredient in any valuation model. It allows for the calculation of expected value of the security through the whole enterprise. Most cap tables have varying levels of accuracy, standardization & norms. This has been a problem because Excel was designed to calculate only basic data about values and rates.

    Before web platforms, all cap tables were manually broken. This was because of poor spreadsheet management, human errors & other cleanup problems, which all web platforms do an excellent job in fixing. Excel is still capable of complex mathematics, but it’s not advisable to use complex formulas in everyday business applications. The best option to avoid Excel flaws is to outsource your Excel work to external tools. One of the examples of cap table software is the Value Matters Pro, which can be used to solve the equations of all Excel based venture capital valuation models.

    Investors with less formal educational background on venture capital and capitalizing strategies should opt for shorter term sheets instead of long-term cap tables. A typical cap table in Excel looks like this:

    This makes it hard to understand, and so investors get stuck in long-term method of funding. startups is important to learn ways to manage short-term financing, and one way is to learn how to make use of convertible notes. A convertible note is a financial instrument where the holder can sell his shares of stock for a pre-determined price before a specific date.

    By having a convertible note, you can get around the problems in complex Excel post-money valuation formulas. You don’t need to memorize thousands of formulas, which can be quite tedious and would require more time than you can spare in a day. There is a solution to this problem in the form of Value Matters Pro, a cap table math software that can be downloaded from their website. startups performs conversions in just a few minutes, saving investors a lot of time and effort in completing long-drawn out solutions.

    Value Matters Pro also has a handy chart viewer, which allows investors to view valuation results in graph and pie chart formats. The user is also able to compare data from one period to another. This allows them to see the effects of inflation on the value of their preferred stock and therefore the potential increase in capitalization. Through this, investors are able to plan and prepare for successful financing of their investment as well as determine the amount of capital needed to get started.

    Using startups to finance an investment does not require complicated mathematics and equation. All it takes is a little skill in determining the intrinsic value of your preferred stocks. If you have not looked into convertible notes, you might want to do some research first on how to obtain a good rate and terms for such financing. It is always important to do your own due diligence when working with any financing source, even if it is through an option pool.

    Cap Table Math provides many formulas and financial tools to help the budding investor in the options business. startups of the features of the product is the availability of free sample cap tables. These sample cap tables can be used by private investors as well as institutional traders. Since everyone has different risk preferences, they all should use the different cap table templates to determine their investing strategies.

    Option Capital Markets uses cap table software to calculate the return on investment or ROI. This includes the pricing of options on underlying stocks and the effect of market volatility on the price per share. These are just a few features of the product. The founders of the product, Michael Cohen and Albert Perrie, have a combined thirty-eight years of experience in financial advising and technical analysis. In addition, they have worked with some of the world’s top hedge fund managers and investment management teams.

    Option Capital Markets is designed to provide its users with the most precise financing round. The product was developed to meet the requirements of the Options Brokers Association (OBA). This is the industry standard for determining the valuation of Option assets. It is considered a highly accurate method because of the wide range of inputs it receives. startups designed the product to surpass the capabilities of the traditional pricing models. Option Capital Markets is considered to be the best alternative to the widely used pro forma cap tables.

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