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    Social activism refers to any form of civil disobedience or protest activity. Activists may choose to participate in political demonstrations, sit-in demonstrations, or even civil disobedience for social change. Activists can also choose to work behind the scenes helping to promote the political movement that they are part of. Sometimes activists choose to work in solidarity with other activists from other groups. Whatever the methods used to put forth a social movement, they all have one thing in common. They are all designed to bring about social change through peaceful and legal means.

    Activists can be thought of as social justice warriors. If you are working actively towards social justice and feel deeply about a given issue, you may very well be considered an activist. magazine is someone who is working towards social change within society.

    There are four roles that every activist needs to take on. There are organizers, planners, agents, and warriors. Of course, there are some activists who do not fit into any of these four roles. However, for every warrior there is a planner, organizer, and agent. These are the four major categories that make up the field of social activism.

    Organizers are the ones who make the plans and schemes to carry out the plan. The duties of an organizer are many including creating action plans, creating strategies, and finding ways to get people involved. Activists who are organizers use a variety of tools to spread information about issues. This includes creating newsletters, posters, handbills, cards, and flyers.

    Agents are the people who actually go out into the field and perform the required tasks. Agents are usually part of the activist groups that have been created by the organizers. Activists can assign agents to focus on certain issues such as getting money to develop projects, forming groups to fight environmental causes, and getting money to help the poor for social change. Activists also assign agents to go to different situations to collect donations for activism.

    On the other hand, warriors are those who participate in the battle field to fight social injustice and change the world. Activists often become warriors when they are put under pressure from other activists or when their own groups decide to take an action. Activists call these warriors’social justice warriors’ since they put their own life and freedom on the line in order to bring about social change. A warrior fights for what they believe in. They are passionate about social action and often put their lives on the line to promote social justice.

    Some activists may use several tactics to promote social change. Some may use direct action tactics, while others may use non-violent tactics to achieve their goals. While some activists use both methods, it’s important to note that non-violent tactics should never be used to combat injustice. The abuse of peaceful protesters has proven the wrong thing to do and it can sometimes backfire.

    Today, social activism continues to be a powerful force for social change. Activists can use many different tactics to bring about change. Activism is a way of socializing and living one’s identity. As an example, the black civil rights movement was eventually strengthened through the use of social media.

    Activist groups have been working towards social change for years. Civil rights groups in the past used direct action tactics, Boycotts, and voter registration drives. Today, more sophisticated tactics are being used. Sometimes an Activist group may decide to do what they feel is right even if it means doing acts of physical violence. Some people equate physical violence with civil disobedience. However, physical violence is not a part of any type of social activism.

    Activists engaged in social activism should make sure they are not misrepresenting their views. For instance, if an activist is loudly proclaiming that they are against capitalism, while in fact supporting the ruling class, they have committed themselves to supporting a violent and oppressive system. If an activist is engaged in physical violence while participating in social or political change, this is portrayed as justified because the activist wishes to “defend” their violent actions. However, if the same activist were to engage in civil disobedience and physical violence against those who work for the wealthy, their actions would clearly portray them as violent and out of touch with reality.

    Activism and social change cannot occur without some degree of deception. That’s why organizations which claim to be organizing social movements should make sure that their activists are not misrepresenting themselves. This way, organizations can legitimately claim that they are not organizing social action but actually saving the lives of real people.

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