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    In short, renting an email list essentially means paying someone a third party an agreed fee to use their email list for you. Of course, email list renting varies significantly from company to company, with some agreeing to deliver more than just one email in an “at timeshare” kind of deal. The potential advantage of renting an email list is that it gives you an immediate pool of active contacts to engage with and market to effectively grow your online business. It can be a great help to your business as it allows you to get started and has low startup costs.

    Of course, with any relationship there are always negatives. One of the key issues with email list renting is the security of the contact list. With so many people getting married or getting into new relationships over the internet, it is not uncommon for old, outdated or even spammed contact lists to appear. There is the added problem of having to continually search through your existing contact list to see what you have to choose from.

    Another issue with email lists is the issue of ownership. A potential downside to email lists when renting is if you ever decide to sell or transfer the ownership of the list to a third party. This can pose a major conflict of interest for you and your ideal customer. Ideally, once you sign up with an email list provider you own the list exclusively. However, should you decide to make a sale or transfer the ownership of the email lists, you must comply with all of the applicable laws.

    Most email list rental services offer money back guarantees. It is important to ask all questions upfront as some providers only offer limited support and advice. It is important to make sure you are dealing with a reputable business and one that has a money back guarantee in place. Some list rental businesses provide weekly updates and additional products to their clients at no extra cost. The best companies will also offer a full refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason with their services.

    When using email list management systems it is important to carefully consider the methods of delivery and how you will ensure your emails reach your customers. Offline direct marketing is a method of selling products and services through traditional forms of advertising like newspapers, television and radio. It is commonly used by small businesses as it is cost efficient and very convenient to run. The advantage of offline direct marketing is that it is more personalised and can be tailored to specific markets and demographics. However, there are several disadvantages to using this form of advertising. Namely, it requires considerable in-store staff, higher production costs and a significant investment in machinery.

    If you find yourself in the position where you need to rent email lists then you have the option of going through an internet based company. Internet based email list brokers are essentially companies who lease email lists for businesses large and small. These internet-based companies provide a wide range of different products and services from the renting of email lists to the distribution of these lists to your customers. There are many advantages to leasing email lists through internet-based companies such as Aweber and Rent-A-List, however there are also a number of disadvantages to choosing to do so.

    Internet based companies will generally charge a higher commission than a lead list provider. This means that you will be paying out more for every email list you buy from them. Also, Internet based companies will not provide any sort of customer support or help when it comes to leasing email lists, so you need to make sure that you know what you are doing before you hand over any money. AWeber on the other hand provides excellent customer service and offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with their services. They also provide their customers with a list of email addresses that they can sell to other businesses if they so desire.

    Renting email lists is a good option if you have a limited budget but are still looking to build up a strong contact list and do not want to pay out too much for it. You can start off by getting one email address free with AWeber, which is a great way to build your contact list up and test your email marketing campaign. Once you feel that you have a solid campaign in place, then you may want to consider buying a second email list from them so that you have multiple email addresses at which you can promote your products. If you keep your eye on the target market and do not try to spread yourself too thin, then you should be successful with email list rentals.

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